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I have always been interested in and inspired by my natural surroundings. Wandering amongst magnificent redgums or standing on the banks of the Murray, to experience the expanse of saltbush plain or view the liquid sea continuously moving and sculpting the edge of the land. To look out on a distant mountain range with its mysterious shapes and constantly changing hues. These are a few of the seemingly endless amount of wonderful subjects that excite and inspire me to record my personal experiences in pencil, paint and pastels. This is to me both a challenging and fulfilling way to portray my passion for the rich beauty or our wonderful land.

Over the years I have enjoyed the challenge of sketching and painting, working in most mediums including oils and watercolour and in recent years found the use of soft pastels to my liking. I find pastels on paper such a spontaneous and convenient medium that currently most of my paintings are pastels works.

Although I am mainly interested in landscape I do on occasions paint different subject matter. This could depict wildlife subjects, structures in the landscape and the occasional portrait.

I have successfully exhibited my work in both solo and joint exhibitions and have received awards for my efforts. I am often invited to demonstrate or conduct workshops in pastel painting. I am currently am member of the Pastel Artists of South Australia (PASA) and the Painter of the Flinders Ranges (PotFR).

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Woorumba Sundown by David Chalmers

Woorumba Sundown

The Sculptured Land by David Chalmers

The Sculptured Land

Road to Wilpena by David Chalmers

Road to Wilpena

Pines of Wilpena by David Chalmers

Pines of Wilpena

Out Early by David Chalmers

Out Early

Old Gum near Wilpena by David Chalmers

Old Gum near Wilpena

Just out of Town by David Chalmers

Just out of Town

Gums on the Six Mile by David Chalmers

Gums on the Six Mile

Gums of the North by David Chalmers

Gums of the North

At Wilpena by David Chalmers

At Wilpena