About Us

Artists  have admired the grandeur of the Flinders Ranges for many hundreds of years...from the original owners of the land to the painters, photographers and film makers of today!

Since 2002 the Painters of the Flinders Ranges have evolved into an eclectic group of professional artists with varying styles and using many different mediums.  Through their paintings they are able to share their emotional response to the awe inspiring landscape known as the Flinders Ranges,  world renowned  for its ancient and rugged terrain and for the flora and fauna specific to this region.

The Group has enjoyed critical acclaim and wide-spread appreciation in South Australia and their paintings of the Flinders Ranges are represented in many collections throughout Australia and overseas.  Members of our Group have a deep affiliation with the Flinders Ranges and many currently  live or  have previously lived in the Flinders Ranges region.  As a Group our aim is to provide the visitors to the Flinders  Ranges an additional and different  tourism experience  by showing our artistic response to the beauty  of the region in the form of our yearly art exhibition.  This exhibition of around 100 paintings usually involves 10 artists each contributing approximately 10 paintings. It is a requirement of this  Group that when  exhibiting their work as the  “Painters of the Flinders Ranges”  they  exhibit paintings which display their personal interpretation and response to the many and varied aspects of the Flinders Ranges.

Our annual  exhibition in the Wilpena Woolshed, Old Wilpena Station coincides with, and is part of, the Flinders Ranges “A Brush with Art” trail.

Our members are present during September and early October as "artists-in-residence" and it’s a great opportunity for visitors to the Flinders Ranges to discuss the art works with the artists.

This prestigious exhibition is the second largest regional art show in South Australia and in terms of visitor numbers enjoys strong patronage from local, interstate and overseas tourists.